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 Video Display Corporation's corporate sales, marketing and central distribution facility is responsible for the sales of VDC's own Gold Line CRTs and products from business partners Chungwha, Nanjing Huapu, Philips and Silk Road. VDC's products include monochrome CRTs from 5" to 23" in size and color CRTs from 3" to 26" in size. Because of VDC's access to special buys from other CRT manufacturers, significant discounts can be offered on a wide range of products.
VDC currently markets and sells CRT products that are direct replacements for the following tube types: Chungwha, Philips, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Orion, Toshiba, Clinton, NEC, Panasonic, Sony and others. Custom and special low volume orders are filled through VDC's Stone Mountain, GA manufacturing facility while other display products are available through VDC's subsidiaries such as Teltron (small direct view CRT's and vidicon tubes), MII (medical grade CRT's and camera tubes) and Novatron (projection CRT's).
With VDC's inventory exceeding 500,000 CRT's in over 12,000 types, the Data Display division is a major supplier and logistics partner to corporations like DEC, Hitachi, Hewlett-Packard, Wells-Gardner, Data-Ray, IBM and NCR. In most instances, VDC can same-day-ship orders and drop ship to your customers location if necessary. Throughout, VDC has managed to retain strong relations with its customer base of over 3,000 customers that vary from small repair shops to industry leading repair depots and original equipment manufacturers.
For additional information on VDC's Data Display products and services worldwide please call 1-800-241-5005. In Europe please call:44 (0)1384-894777 in the United Kingdom


 1868 Tucker Ind Road, Tucker GA. 30084 Phone#1-800-241-5005 Fax#1-770-493-3563

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